Investment strategy
13V invests across the life cycle of consumer companies, from early-growth to mature stages.

Investors may access our strategy offerings via different structure and vehicle types, based on their investor type (e.g., institutional or individual), as well as their liquidity profile and investment horizon.

Private Equity & Venture Capital
Listed Equities
Our credit strategies invest in illiquid instruments, sourced directly from borrowers. We focus primarily on growth stage companies in developed markets, and we invest in an array of products, from convertible securities, structured credit instruments, distressed debt and private debt. While varied in investment objective and risk-return profile, each of our credit strategies is grounded in 13V's investment rigor, placing primary emphasis on risk control and consistency.
We invest in consumer-facing companies that are generating revenue, with a clear growth trajectory and with a path to profitability. We only participate when we can add operating value with our marketing growth, strategy and finance teams.
Our listed equities strategies seek to invest in both undervalued and fairly valued stocks with high growth potential. By coupling fundamental analysis with in-depth country and industry knowledge, we look to uncover stocks trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. We believe our superior knowledge allows us to identify attractive investment opportunities while limiting downside risk.

We invest only in stocks that we understand and for that reason we stick to consumer-facing companies.

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