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Bleeding-edge Creators:

Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Katya Kohen and Diego Berrio, founded 13V through a shared interest in supporting exciting Consumer brands.

Katya draws from her experience as the Co-Founder and Partner at Starta Ventures, which has amassed a portfolio of 100+ early-stage startups with $90M in VC funding and crypto assets. Under her guidance, Starta Ventures achieved its first exit within two (2) years of deploying capital providing a 10x return; Starta later achieved four (4) exits within three (3) years of the fund's launch.

Diego created his Family Office, focusing on CPG investments. As a Portfolio Manager at Bricapital, a Hospitality-centric Private Equity fund, he focused on investing in Hospitality and e-Learning. In 2017, he became the EIR for Hardware Club, a Venture Capital fund with offices in Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. 13V carries Consumer brand focus and excellence in its DNA.

13 Ventures is an employee owned company.
Our Mission
The Investment philosophy
The Platform
"At 13 Ventures, we aim to propel smart and mighty companies, with daring, proven ideas through each stage — from growth through exit. We are pleased to have the resources and breadth of experience at our disposal to support our chosen portfolio companies through their evolution and more fortunate that these companies choose to partner with us.

True to or name, we are invested in the various pockets of the Consumer sector — from the early - to late - stage. We are committed to living up to our commitment to making the smartest bets on companies all along the company / brand life path."
— Vida Asiegbu, Portfolio & Partnership Lead
Early Stage Strategy
We are invested in the equity of companies that have a proven business and path to profitability. Given our unique market position, we are in direct contact with companies that have a higher chance of success and the Investor network to cultivate investment syndicates
Growth Stage Strategy
13 Ventures invests in emerging companies with an innovative, differentiated product or service that the market is looking for. What is important for us is the demonstrated path to profitability at this juncture. We deploy short- and long-term capital necessary for these companies to accelerate on their growth path. In some cases, 13 Ventures is available to deploy human capital to help ensure the smooth transition to the anticipated growth position.

Late Stage Strategy
We are committed to garnering value for the companies that employ our Advisory services, especially during the consideration of an exit. We are committed to achieve the most successful, profitable path forward, whether it be through M&A or the Capital Markets.

Individual ApMature Company Strategyproach
We are invested in a number of mature, public companies that are highly undervalued but carry the strong fundamentals of the companies we support all along the chain. With that, we aim to remain associated with companies that have high potential for future growth regardless of market dynamics.

VentureBox platfrom dashboard
Does your software or tool enable entrepreneurs to work efficiently? Let's work together to provide the best experience for all business owners. We are looking to grow our partner ecosystem to provide value to our merchants.

Advisory powers private daring companies to achieve growth and financial discipline. We crafted a toolkit that combines capital, interim CFO services and cutting-edge marketing technology to analyze and improve revenue and sales performance.
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